Digital Methodologies

3 - Day workshop
July 4, 5, 6 - 2017

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Working Resource List

Over the course of the 3-day workshop we tried to address a wide number of platforms, projects, and tools that might be of use to participants - even if just to think reconceptualize the boundaries of their own projects.

In the first two days the 8 participants with “problem collections” presented and discussed the scope and scales of their projects - and where their frustrations lay. We workshopped individual projects and brainstormed way to expand, dabble, and produce work across various digital landscapes.

During Day 3 other local guests presented their prior projects across design, visualization, and library & museum-initiated projects. This day was the culmination of the workshop in trying to raise sets of issues that individuals face in their own research/artistic agendas to engage digital methodologies as part of their process in Beirut. Across the three days we were intent to discuss how one’s main research question can become embedded, interwoven, and emergent from/in digital projects. Further, we strove to explore the stakes of creating a working group - in Lebanon - that addresses the needs and problems of those working across a wide set of issues - and possible more broadly in the region.   For full description of the workshop’s goals see here


Platforms/Project discussed (Day 1-2)

Prezi on DH that we talked through - divisions/layers of DH
Filming Revolution
Triple Canopy
Environmental Justice Conflict Report
Syria Street Tripoli Reportage
Life and Death of Metadata (Harvard Arboretum)
Roaring 20’s - Noise in NYC
Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa
Modern Art Iraq Archive (MAIA)
Asia Art Archive
ICCA docs
Knowledge Production Project : Archiving the Middle East
Arabographic Optical Character Recognition
Salt Library Istanbul - (Kristine)
List of free libraries to download books (Fabiola)
StoryMaps - (Fabiola)
Daily 360 - NYTIMES (Kristine)
Decode Darfur - crowdsourcing Maps (Nadia)
Interactive of Middle East Protests (2012)
Google NGRAM viewer 
A View from a View



Timeline maker (knight labs)
Cytoscape - another network analysis/visualization tool
Scalar - (we looked at 1.0 project but now it’s 2.0)
Voyant - textual analysis (easy to use)
DigiMarc - "Barcode everything" - used for invisible watermark


Conferences/insitutes to follow:

Beautiful Data - Harvard
DH Summer Institute - Victoria BC


Day 3
Workshop participants + guests


Links Mentioned during majd's Talk:
Arab Digital Expression: Summer Camp for Youth
Beirut Evictions
Closer Neighborhood view example from Beirut Evictions
Public Works Studio
Thinking about design - Process/exercises/etc - DesignKit
Evictions in SF: Antieviction Map

Links Mentioned during Ahmad's Talk:
Visualizing Palestine
Inspiration for Palestine Museum Interface: African American Underground Railroad Project
Ahmad’s Powerpoint Slides about Visualization
Executive Magazine - Lebanon Voting Visuals
Visualizing Information for Advocacy - Free download of book
Central Administration of Statistics of Lebanon
“Arabic Buzzfeed” - Rassef

Links Mentioned during hana's Talk:
Palestinian Oral History Project at AUB
Oral History Metadata Synchonizer
Example of annotated Oral History Interview
Current Show - Ahmad Ghossein - Mapping

Links Mentioned during Mansour’s Talk:
Don’t Wait for the Archive (2010)


Participants with Problem collections:
Jared McCormick
Kristine Khouri
Nadia Christidi
Fabiola Hanna
Camilla Garder
Lynn Kodeih
Sarah Shaito



Day 3 specialists:
Hanan Yazigi
Ahmad Barclay
Majd Al-Shihabi
Mansour Aziz
Hana Sleiman